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About Me

My name is Gerardo Perez, owner of 7DCS Designs.  With a degree in graphic design I launched my career with McCann Advertising Agency, one of the largest in the world. This was absolutely life-changing for me.  It solidified my desire to use work as my creative outlet.  I have always enjoyed painting, drawing, and designing and through this experience I learned exactly how to advance my career while doing something I enjoy.  I eventually moved on to work as a graphic designer for Government Technology and later as the Corporate Creative Director for Erepublic, one of the leading government focused publications in the industry.  Later, my career took me to Denver Colorado where I decided to branch out and open an agency of my own.  This has allowed me the opportunity to grow my business and further expand my drive for creativity with a variety of different clients with vastly different needs. 


My ultimate goal is to provide a top quality product for clients while bringing their brand to life.  I achieve this through collaboration with the clients to better understand the needs and goals of the project, innovation to create something fresh and new, and a drive that advances everything to the next level.  From web design, graphic design, animation, and concepting I cover all avenues and help to provide innovative solutions from start to finish.


Passion is the love for something you do.  It’s more than excitement, it’s ambition.  Passion for something you enjoy provides motivation to be the best you can be.  I have a passion for design, a passion for creativity, a passion for creating something that exceeds expectations.  It’s this passion that motivates and propels me forward to continue to develop and design interesting, exciting and captivating campaigns with every new project.  Together, let’s take your idea, program, campaign, or concept to the next level and make something amazing!

Areas of Expertise

Graphic Design
Web Design

Art Direction
Client Services
Customer Relationships

Story Boarding
Collaboration & Teamwork
Project Management
Social Media

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